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BARMANGUIDE.COM - Budapest Nightspotshttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest.htmlSun, 01 Feb 2015 14:39:22 +0000Joomla! - Open Source Content Managementen-gbA Clockwork Narancs: Moloko Bar draws crowds with inspiration from Kubrickhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/538-a-clockwork-narancs-moloko-bar-draws-crowds-with-inspiration-from-kubrick.htmlhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/538-a-clockwork-narancs-moloko-bar-draws-crowds-with-inspiration-from-kubrick.html

Moloko bar Budapest

From the outside, you would not suspect that Moloko Bar is a sendup to A Clockwork Orange.Or maybe you would, considering all the devotchkas, malchicks and droogs wandering in and out.

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For Sale Pubhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/529-for-sale-pub.htmlhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/529-for-sale-pub.html

For Slae Pub Budapest

Great pub/restaurant with a décor that will leave you amazed..

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1,000’s of business cards all pinned to the walls and ceilings. With an excellent menu that caters for all tastes the only thing is…you will need a huge appetite as the servings are huge. (Smaller portions are available for children).

An excellent selection of import and local beers, complimentary pea­nuts that you just chuck the shells on the floor and that Olde Worlde feel. Live music from locals playing all your favourites, excellent service and prices that won’t empty your wallet.

For Sale Pub Address. Vamhaz korut 2, District V, Budapest 1056, Hungary. Tel: 06 1 267-0276.

Photo by Surat Lozowick
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Irish Cat Barhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/527-irish-cat-bar.htmlhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/527-irish-cat-bar.html

You can always find Think Magazine Budapest at the Irish Cat

If, upon death, your condemned soul is not yet finished partying, then it is just possible the Irish Cat Pub will be your haunting grounds...

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Janis Pub rocks on...http://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/539-janis-pub-rocks-on.htmlhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/539-janis-pub-rocks-on.html

Moloko bar Budapest

Not an Irish pub, a family pub, and a memorial to Janis Joplin. An unlikely mix of Karaoke, Hungarian home cooking and uniquely tasty pub burgers in central Pest, it oddly works well.

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Jazz Garden Budapesthttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/525-jazz-garden-budapest.htmlhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/525-jazz-garden-budapest.html

cocktails at the Jazz Garden in Budapest

Jazz Garden had humble beginnings but big dreams...

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Rókalyuk Dive Pubhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/528-rokalyuk-dive-pub.htmlhttp://www.barmanguide.com/europe/budapest/528-rokalyuk-dive-pub.html

Rokalyuk Sorozo

Rokályuk feels more like a bunker than a foxhole, but it tries not to be either.

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